Wednesday, December 24, 2008

open your eyes
out of the bed

brush your teeth
look in the mirror
suit up ;)

quick shower
not remember what you had for breakfast

get out of the house
forget something
go back to get it

remember the conversations
the pleasant and the eerie moments
still excited

trim yourself at the last moment
heart beat rising...

Friday, February 1, 2008

I tried all possible ways
but couldn't find any logic to it
so I open a door picked at random.

I then had a dark vision that hurt so bad
I started running away, to the sparkling horizon.

Adrenaline wore out and I started to gasp
My feet slowly refusing to listen to me,
Even though I ran so fast,
The light was still a few feet away

I picked the wrong door,
I should have gone the other way
dry air not helping me at all,
collapsed and thirsty, there I lay

I looked around for traces
of life, heaven, or hell
With the eyes closed i went back in time
to the moment I took the random spell

What could be behind the other doors
something I should have analyzed before
fresh air and Grass that is green,
or maybe birds, or even a lovely queen?

Desperate for love
or anything that could ameliorate the pain
a jolt of ecstasy, or something less effervescent
that lasts a little longer than I'd forget...

Saturday, December 29, 2007

stupid little world


This is not love
This is not divine.
We are just two hollow fucks,
Filling each other’s spaces.

This is not friendship
This is not camaraderie.
We are just 2 weird fuckos
Holding on to each other.

The day I get full
Your love means nothing anymore
And the day I get less weird
I am gonna slip away from our stupid little world


It is time to tear the skin

It is time to tear the skin,
It is time to step out of it
It is time to stop looking in the mirror,
It is time to erase everything
It is time to undo the knot

It is time to close the eyes
It is time to loose the sight
It is time to stop storing fleeting images,
It is time to erase everything
It is time to come clean.

It is time to stop the music
It is time to stop the noise
It is time to listen to the silence left behind,
It is time to erase everything
It is time to go blank

It is time………..
It is time………..
To go blank
It is time………..
It is time……….
To fly.


Dreamed one

Let me sing a song about my dream man (female vox)
Someone with a lovely straight nose,
Someone with a lot of dough
Someone with a brilliant mind
Some one with a lovely heart
Someone with sparkling blue eyes
Someone who can sing me lullabies
Some one who can write love poems about me
Someone who treats me like a queen.

Hello missy I couldn’t help but over hearing
You are looking for a man I see
Is it ok if I have got a big fat nose?
And ya I cant write love poems no more
All I write nowadays are my obituaries
I have got a lovely heart but it is turning to stone
I have got a decent mind but it is rotten to the bone
I thought I should give you a try
Because I still got blood pumping inside.